Nordic Food Aesthetics

Thanks to Noma, restaurants serving beautiful nordic food are mushrooming in Copenhagen.

Dinner at Host (means harvest in Danish):

Lunch at Amass (run by a former Noma chef):

Beef on its way to be aged for 120 days at Amass:



The Great American Solar Eclipse

24 hour escape to Silverton, OR for the total solar eclipse!  Semi-home-made solar filter, 200mm lens on full frame, tethered, custom settings with exposure brackets, and interval remote triggering proved to be a winning combo!  Camera equipment was on auto-pilot (well, 95% of the time), and no distraction at all from the actual viewing experience of this amazing occurrence.

The sky turned from bright sunny blue to deep dark night blue, and in the second image of the sun in total eclipse, a faint planet is visible on the bottom left of the frame.  The camera saw a lot more corona details than the naked eye!solarEclipsetotalEclipse2